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THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Netflix adds another cute story to their fictional Prince romance universe


Directed by Rick Jacobson

Stars: Laura Marano, Mena Massoud, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Grace Bentley-Tsibuah, and Cameron Rhodes

I really appreciate the fact that Netflix has gone all in on there fictional Royal family romance universe. We’ve seen it a handful of times over the years each following similar enough beats, while being distinct enough to not feel redundant and be cute in their own ways. The Royal Treatment is literally yet another one in this growing Netflix subgenre that I figure all fit into one distinct universe. It has a prince, isolated and lonely because of the family roles and responsibilities, fate brings an American girl into his life- this time she’s a hairdresser, and eventually- shocker; they fall in love.

New York hairdresser Izzy seizes the chance to work at the wedding of a charming prince, but when sparks between them fly, will love or duty prevail?

Yes, it fits into the conventional storytelling of the other royalty based romcoms by the streaming service, but there’s also a distinct charm that comes with this entry. It never over does it’s humour, but theres the right amount especially from the Destiny & Lola characters. It’s got enough serious background to mesh with the humour, but it never takes itself overly serious- the film is aware of what it is, and it doesn’t try to be anything different. It wants to tell a silly little love story about hairstylist with a thick New Yorker accent and a prince from yet another made up country- and it’s what it sets out and does well. Also appreciate the fact that the ”other woman” in this princes life ends up being a sweetheart herself, and that they didn’t actively make her bad just to have us root for the lead- rather we get enough info about the other woman that we just want the best for her as well.

The acting is also fine all around, it’s great to see Mena Massoud get another opportunity a few years after the Aladdin adaptation, and there is some very good chemistry between him and Laura Marano as our two leads. Marano’s character being this sort of humanitarian type is a fun character arch, and it definitely gives her a moment to shine as this truly good of heart human. Preston Crayford and Bentley-Tsibuah both come to mind as a good comedic pair, playing Marano’s best friends and co workers the two had the timing down pat and gave me plenty to smirk about. It’s Cameron Rhodes as the butler Walter that really ends up being my standout, you could tell Rhodes was giving his all and the amount of heart he put into his character was something I really appreciated as these movies tend to forget side characters once they get far enough along and need to bail on subplots.

This may not break the wheel or be anything you haven’t seen before, but for a streaming option especially in the month of January- if you like romcoms, and have enjoyed the rest of the Royal Loving Universe- then you may as well add The Royal Treatment to your watchlist.


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