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THE TINDER SWINDLER: How One Soulless Conman Ripped Woman Off Using a Popular Dating App

Netflix Directed by Felicity Morris

Stars: Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte

The first thing that needs to be said about these three woman: Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte- you three are absolute rockstars. Through all the bullshit that this terrible ghoul of a man put you and countless others through- for you to not lay in self pity but fight back so others don’t suffer a similar fate as you all. That is true heroic rockstar level stuff, and as for Simon Leviev, this is the only mention of your name, because you’re the definition of garbage and this Netflix Documentary was the perfect start of atleast some karmic redemption and attention against your sinister ways. Thats truly what this documentary hits home with, that people like this have found new ways of conning innocent people out of their money- and that way is through apps such as Tinder and others. It’s a dangerous new frontier that needed the platform like Netflix to showcase the severity of it, and placing a name and face for both the victims and the wrongdoer will help to elevate the message.

A fraud man who attracts women using the popular dating app and tricked them out of millions of dollars.

This won’t be my longest review because frankly I’m not an expert on documentaries and I don’t watch near enough to fully be able to gauge the bar of like ”great” documentaries. What I can say though in my small snippet for this one, is that this will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The way that these woman were financially taken advantage of will have your stomach flittering with fear and rage for them, and as the revelation of this human garbage bins true identity comes out; then the hairs on your arm will standup in horror. The way the three perspectives blend together to tell the story works- and it truly is a modern day horror story that doesn’t revolve around murder, but rather financial piracy of those who trusted him. The use of old movie clips in the beginning such as Audrey Hepburn’s Charade make for a great foreshadowing as well to let us know that this seemingly perfect man is not exactly who he says he is.

These three women deserve all the views, and their stories echoed out loud- and thats why I believe that the Tinder Swindler is a must add to the watch list type of documentary. Their strength through what happened deserves validation and them, not him, deserve to be the faces of this warning- as a symbol of strength to overcome these dark forces that linger to take advantage of others.

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