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Netflix and Freaky director Christopher Landon partner together to drop this family-friendly esque comedy centred around a family moving into a new house and discovering that they have a ghost in their attic. The story takes a lot of directions I didn't see coming, but at the heart of it, it explores fatherhood and making amends for errors made in the past. While the story takes directions that don't always work for me- those underlying themes are strong enough to tell an engaging heartfelt story.

The discovery that their house is haunted by a ghost named Ernest makes Kevin's family a social media sensation. But when Kevin and Ernest get to the bottom of the mystery of Ernest's past, they become targets of the CIA.

Christopher Landon has made some incredible films, this may not be necessarily to the standards of Happy Death Day or Freaky, you can feel his common comedic touch in what's typically a horror based genre come through. Even when the stories threads become a little loose as we dive into a CIA chase and the twist of Ernest's death- Landon's heartfelt themes and comedic timing never feel out of place. The CIA stuff doesn't fully land for me, nor does the twist on the past- but that's okay. Everything that was the intended meaning lands, so even when some of the story twists don't land it didn't bother me enough to take me away from enjoying the story.

Cast wise it really lands. David Harbour has zero lines but his ghost character is just captivating, there's something so fascinating about the Ernest character and Harbour brings that to life. Jahi Di'allo Winston was a solid lead as Kevin, he really was a strong person to put as the focal character and bounced off other actors really well in scenes. Anthony Mackie delivers a strong performance, as does Tig Notaro- both don't need to do much but they deliver what was expected. Isabella Russo was a newcomer that was a ton of fun, she really shines every time she was on the camera with Winston. I wish Niles Fitch & Erica Ash had more to do, they're both strong actors with limited roles here.

In the end, We Have A Ghost takes some weird twists that I didn't see coming to tell a heartwarming and pleasant story. It's nothing incredible, but it's satisfying enough to get a three star grade.


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