WINDFALL: A Wickedly Slick Murder Thriller With It’s Very Own Dark Comedic Touch


Directed by Charlie McDowell

Stars: Jason Segel, Lily Colins, and Jesse Plemons

Netflix shows that sometimes, all you need is three stars on the top of their game to deliver an entertaining film. Filmed in one location, McDowell and his crew do all that they can to stretch the intrigue of the billionaires home. A few rocky moments at the end cause a stumble, but in the end this genre mix delivers what it sets out to accomplish.

A man breaks into a tech billionaire's empty vacation home, but things go sideways when the arrogant mogul and his wife arrive for a last-minute getaway.

McDowell’s Windfall is a slow burn that doesn‘t reveal all of its cards by the end, something that mostly works for it. The characters aren’t given real names, and its by doing so that allows Segel’s Nobody to flourish as the man holding the couple hostage. Giving him no identity or background, allows us to dive into the perspective of the couple not sure what the true threat level or intentions of this mystery man are. The lack of identity is also done to build Plemon’s tech billionaire character as more of a general descriptor to the toxicity that comes within that group- rather than making it seem like an individual character trait. Everything is done accordingly to tell a story, and it’s this precision that carries the impact of the story. Not all character decisions will make sense, but there is still enough to captivate the audience into the trio’s stories.

The cinematography works well and together with the production design we get one of the most intriguing one shot locations of all time. The entire home is decorated and throughout the watch you’ll catch your eye on something distinct to build the world in front of us. The score was pleasing to a point where it could’ve been sleep sounds for someone that enjoys sleeping with those on.

The trio once again does everything they can to make the plot move forward in a strong manner. Plemons and Segel have some of the most memorable back and forths in this early calendar year, and both men really bite into the roles they’re playing. While Lily Collins gets to showcase just how strong of an actress she can be when given a strong character to play. In the final moments of the film, she is the one that gets to shine and really bring the character to life more than her male counter parts.

For a 90 minute film, Windfall is a perfect streaming option to add to your Netflix watchlists despite an ending that did not work for me in the slightest.


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